Sure Smile Aligners

We’re proud to offer Sure Smile Clear Aligners in Skagit County

Clear aligners have become one of the most popular ways to improve the look of a person’s teeth, and while there are several products on the market that claim to be able to provide you with a seamless smile without the look of metal braces, we use Sure Smile Clear Aligner products for their reliability, performance, and results. We are pleased to offer Sure Smile Clear Aligners at Yeates Family Dental.

Alternative to Metal Braces

We use Sure Smile Clear Aligners to correct minor issues with teeth and we work with local orthodontic specialists to manage more complex issues related to a client’s teeth.
They are very noticeable and often cause a great deal of discomfort for clients who find the metal brackets uncomfortable against their lips. When clients are ready for the next stage of treatment, traditional braces need to be tightened, which can lead to headaches and pain. Sure Smile Clear Aligners provide the same results without all the discomfort and constant worry that there might be some food stuck in your braces.

Are Sure Smile Clear Aligners Right for You?

Clients typically need braces at a young age to correct teeth as they are growing into place. Many teenagers are familiar with the rite-of-passage associated with braces. But traditional metal braces can take a long time to provide the kind of results that are needed to correct issues with teeth. Sure Smile Clear Aligners can tackle many of the same problems that metal braces do, but they aren’t for everybody. Sure Smile Clear Aligners are good for people who need to straighten teeth or reduce crowding in the front of their teeth. They are also appropriate for people who have teeth that are “tipping” or leaning forward in their mouth. Sure Smile Clear Aligners can move teeth vertically, horizontally, and even rotate them to correct the positioning of the teeth in a client’s mouth. Some people simply want to close a gap that never closed between two teeth as their teeth were moving into place. Imagine the relief a client would have after years of looking at a gap in the mirror and now seeing beautifully aligned teeth? It can be a reality. It’s important that we discuss your suitability for Sure Smile Clear Aligners during a consultation to determine if they are the right choice for your needs. Sure Smile Clear Aligners are a great option for people who suffer from minor issues related to the alignment of their teeth.

How Do Sure Smile Clear Aligners Work?

Sure Smile Clear Aligners are used to correct minor problems associated with the alignment of the client’s teeth. Molds are taken of your existing teeth to determine the starting point of your treatment plan. Each clear aligner you receive from our office has been customized to fit your teeth and move them to the desired location as per the treatment plan we set out for you. What’s great about Sure Smile Clear Aligners is that they start to work right away. Within a few weeks, you will start with the results and can enjoy a more beautiful smile too. As your teeth move, you will receive additional clear aligners to continue the process until the results you desire have been achieved. Because Sure Smile Clear Aligners are used to treat minor issues associated with the alignment of teeth, many clients see the results they want in as little as six months. Imagine what your teeth could look like six months from now if you decided to proceed with treatment! You won’t be sorry, we can tell you that much.

What are the Benefits of Sure Smile Clear Aligners?

There are many benefits to improving the look and function of your teeth with Sure Smile Clear Aligners. Here are just a few to get you thinking about how your life could change if you invest in your oral health with Sure Smile Clear Aligners:

  • They are clear so you can correct your teeth without others knowing you are undergoing treatment
  • They are removable so you can take them out to enjoy meals and brush your teeth – no food stuck in braces!
  • They are fast-acting, so you can see results in a few weeks or months
  • They are comfortable – no wires to scratch your lips and gums
  • They are affordable – compared to traditional braces and invisible braces, Sure Smile Clear Aligners are an economically sound choice to correct your teeth
  • They are customized just for you
  • You’ll be able to see the results before you even put the aligners in your mouth – technology allows us to show you the determined result using 3D technology.

Want to Learn More About Sure Smile Clear Aligners?

We’d love to meet with you to discuss how Sure Smile Clear Aligners can improve the look of your teeth. If you’ve been living with crooked or misaligned teeth, there’s no need to continue living like that. Sure Smile Clear Aligners provide fast and easy results for anyone wishing to have straighter teeth. Contact Yeates Family Dental today.